2017 Budget Report

The 2017 Diocesan budget was agreed by Diocesan Synod on 18 June 2016.


  • The 2017 budget supports:
    • Stipend increase of 1.5% from April 2017
    • 284.4 full time equivalent (FTE) parochial stipendiary positions
      (a reduction of 4 on 2016)
    • Continued growth in curates, ordinands and lay ministry:
  • 52.5 FTE stipendiary and 60 SSM curates in training
  • National funding is budgeted at £2.54m, which is £98,000 lower than 2016 as the national funding changes begin
  • In 2017 the gross benefice share (before credits) will increase by no more than 2% compared to 2016
  • Clergy housing improvements are fully funded for the first time in years
  • There is no budget provision for share shortfall, which means any shortfall will hit directly on reserves
  • Increased investment in future ministry of £325k; overall share increase of £302k
  • Total asked in Share in 2017 will be £16.5m.  Total spend on ministry (parish and curates) budgeted at £17.1m.

The 2017 Diocesan budget was agreed by Diocesan Synod on 18 June 2016.

The report explains the 2017 budget and invites your thoughts to help develop longer term budgets.


Download the report and consultation papers:

2017 Diocesan Budget Report and Consultation

Individual or collective responses are welcome by Monday 16 October 2016

Here's how to have your say - pick whichever method suits you best:

  • Download the report, print a hard copy and return the completed response form
  • Complete our online survey

If you have any questions about this consultation please contact our Director of Finance, Mark Spraggins, on 01245 294407 or email

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