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Ministry as Partnership is the title of a Diocese of Chelmsford resource developed to affirm and encourage the calling of the whole people of God. it is about identifying and releasing all the gifts that God has given us to be more effectively his church in our local contexts.

Within our changing world and culture, parishes are delivering ministry in many different ways. No one way is appropriate for all, but where the God-given gifts of all baptised members of the local church are being identified and used, there is growing confidence and a greater sense of moving forward.

To help resource this ongoing journey, the Local Ministry Working Group in the diocese offers Ministry as Partnership.

Ministry as Partnership is a set of online downloadable resources intended to be used flexibly as appropriate in each particular local situation. Those who have used the previous MaP and MaP Lite resources will find much that is familiar, however, the material has been revised and updated.

MInistry as Partnership resources

Ministry as Partnership as a Word document.

Ministry as partnership as a PDF

For further information about Ministry as Partnership please contact Revd Cilla Hawkes (Chair of the Local ministry Working Group).

Another resource that churches will find helpful in exploring the ministry of the whole people of God is SHAPE.

For more information please contact Cilla Hawkes
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