Diocesan Staff

This Guide is intended to help members of Diocesan organisations and parish officers to reach the right person quickly and easily.

This Guide is intended to help members of Diocesan organisations and parish officers to reach the right person quickly and easily. Click on the name to send an e-mail. If the person you are looking for is not listed please contact Reception.

The Diocesan Office
53 New Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1AT

Tel: 01245 294400

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Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary John Ball 01245  294409  Works with the Bishop of Chelmsford in developing and implementing his strategy and heads up the Diocesan Board of Finance. 
Executive Assistant Alison Brewster 01245  294409 Manages the Chief Executive’s office.



Bookshop Manager Rachel Orford 01245 294405 Manages our Bookshop. 
Bookshop Assistant  Sally Matthewson 01245 294405 Assists in our Bookshop.



Communications Director Ralph Meloy 01245 294424 Leads our communications team. 
Communications Executive  Sarah Newman  01245 294443 Provides communications services focusing on publications, databases and events.
Editor of The Month and NB Jon Longman 01621 817732 Edits our newspaper, The Month incorporating Notice Board.
Web Designer and Developer James Cottis 01245 490666 or 07941 266858 Manages our websites.
Acting Editor of Cycle of Prayer Jenny Robinson   Oversees the Cycle of Prayer section of Notice Board.
Graphic Designer     Contact Ralph Meloy


Development and Property

Director of Development & Property Michael Minta 01245 294434 Manages the development and property teams and front of house team. Implementation of a range of projects including Sparrows Childcare and working with parishes.
Project Manager  Catherine Forsyth 01245 294429 Supports the work of the Diocese by managing the implementation of a range of projects.

Diocesan Surveyor

Kevin Quinlan 01245 294415 Prepares plans, prepares specifications and contracts, manages new builds and redundant churches.
Estates Manager Sid Rudd 01245 294417 Prepares plans, specifications and contracts for new kitchens, bathrooms and major refurbishment schemes etc, vacancy inspections and works, including lettings and Health and Safety.
Building Surveyor/Project Manager Terry Beeson 01245 294418 Manages property helpdesk, oversees periodic works, repairs, boiler servicing and administration.
Building Surveyor/Project Manager Simon Norton 01245 294435 Prepares plans, specifications and contracts for new kitchens, bathrooms and major refurbishment schemes etc, vacancy inspections and works.
Building Surveyor/Project Manager Chris Harwood 01245 294436 Prepares plans, specifications and contracts for new kitchens, bathrooms and major refurbishment schemes etc, vacancy inspections and works.
Assistant Surveyor Michael Carter 01245 294414 Assists with preparing plans, specifications and contracts for new kitchens, bathrooms and major refurbishment schemes
Property Support Manager Anna Franklin 01245 294420  Administers glebe land and property, deeds and records. Secretary to the Houses Committee and Investments Committee.

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

DAC Secretary Sandra Turner 01245 294423 Supports the Diocesan Advisory Committee. Advises on the Faculty procedures. Supervises the programme of quinquennial inspections of church buildings.
DAC Assistant Joanne Beaumont 01245 294413 Assists our DAC department.



Director of Education Revd Tim Elbourne 01245 294442 Leads our Education team; develops our strategy for children, young people and families; represents the Diocese in matters relating to Church schools
Deputy Director of Education Vacancy 01245 294440 Responsible for school improvement across the Church schools of the Diocese; for the development of the Academy programme, and contributing to the life of the diocesan Education team.
Schools Adviser (part time) Vacancy 01245 294440 Co-ordinates our Kenya schools project, works in partnership with the British Council regarding partnership work. Provides pastoral, leadership and management support for our schools.
Schools Adviser (part time)                                  Vacancy 01245 294440 Works with local authority succession groups, runs workshops and conferences and works with the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) Succession Planning Working Group.
Schools Adviser Mike Dean 01245 294440  
Schools Adviser Lallie Godfrey 01245 294440  
Schools Adviser Ruth Everett 01245 294440  
Education Support Officer Vacancy 01245 294441 Assist our Director of Education and provide a full range of support services to the team and the DBE.
Education Support Officer
(Weds - Fri)
Yemi Ibrahim 01245 294440
Education Support Officer Jill Smylie 01245 294303
Children's Work Adviser - Early Years Jo Gilks 01245 294440 Advises, supports, encourages and resources people who work with under 5s and their families. 
Schools Officer Bryan Lester 01245 294439 School buildings, land, finance and academies.
Children's Work Adviser Steve Kersys 01245 294448 Advises, supports, encourages and resources people who work with children in our Diocese.


Finance Director Mark Spraggins 01245 294407 Responsible for Finance, IT and HR.
Chief Accountant Margaret Essery 01245 294426  Leads the Finance team.                                                                               
Finance Officer (Interim) Claire McKelvey 01245 294461 Processes month end, assists with production of budgets and monitoring of schools budgets
Data and Business Systems Manager Chris Copus 01245 294494 Manages the data team and information systems including MyDiocese, develops statistical reporting to support different bodies within the Diocese
Finance Assistant  Tracy Abbs 01245 294425 Payments, Fees and general financial management.
Finance Assistant Rachel Ingham 01245 294495 Payments, Fees and general financial management.
Parish Finance Officer Terry Gray 01245 294430 Parish Share, treasurer training and support, advising parishes on financial matters and coordinating stewardship.
Finance Assistant Debbie Humphreys 01245 294473 Staff payroll, trusts and general financial management.
Database / Clergy Support Administrator Karen Harrington 01245 294431 Maintains the database on which the online and printed directories are based, and administers clergy relocations and new appointments


Human Resources

HR Manager (Mon, Tues, Thurs) Rachel Towns 01245 294427 Staff HR processes, Statements of Particulars for Clergy appointments, general HR advice


Information Technology

Information Technology Officer Andrew Bucknell 01245 294469 Manages the IT estate across our offices.


Mission and Ministry

Dean of Mission and Ministry Revd Canon Dr Roger Matthews 01245 294455 Leads the work of the central diocesan officers and co-ordinates the development of our strategy for Mission through Ministry. Oversees the Clergy Leadership Programme and has responsibility for our overseas companion links and for liaising with the Lead Bishop Advisory Groups, the Church and World Committee and Issue Groups.
Lay Development Adviser Revd Dr Elizabeth Jordan 01245 294454 Oversees provision of adult education and training resources including the Course in Christian Studies, Lent and Eastertide Schools and Reader training.
Mission and Evangelism Adviser Revd Charlie Kosla 01245 294419 Enables our response to the Mission Shaped Church report and the Fresh Expressions initiative. Works closely with Area Teams in encouraging mission, church planting initiatives and pioneering projects. Oversees the diocesan Evangelism Enabler training program.
Ordained Ministry Development Adviser & Continuing Ministerial Development Adviser for the Bradwell Area Revd Canon Dr Graham Hamborg 01245 294456 Holds the lead responsibility for the Continuing Ministerial Development team. Also the Adviser for the Bradwell Area and holds diocesan-wide responsibility for the initial training of Curates in their first four years of ministry.
Continuing Ministerial Education Adviser for the Colchester Area Revd Geoff Read 01245 294453 Provision of CMD for the Colchester Episcopal Area and development of central CMD projects and processes. 
Continuing Ministerial Development Adviser for the Barking Area Revd Jill Mowbray 0208 2812574 Lead responsibility for years 5+ CMD, the training courses beyond curacy, and links with the Eastern Region and London Diocese. Also the Adviser for our Barking Area.
Tutor - St Mellitus College (Tues & Weds) Vacancy 01245 294446  
Mission and Ministry Administrator Diane Hardy 01245 294449 Administrator for the Mission and Ministry team. 
PA and Lead Administrator Liz Watson 01245 294455 PA to Roger Matthews and Lead Administrator for the Mission and Ministry team. 
CMD Administrator Sue Denham 01245 294450 Administers the CME Grant Scheme for Clergy and Readers and provides secretarial support to the CME Advisers.
Pastoral Assistants Training Co-ordinator Beverley Vincent 01245 294456 Co-ordinates and develops the organisation of the Pastoral Assistants Training Programme. Co-ordinates the work of the Area Pastoral Assistant links and oversees review systems for commissioned Pastoral Assistants.
CMD Adviser Vacancy 01371 872509 Development and implementation of Ministerial Development Review.
Diocesan Director of Ordinands Revd Canon Philip Need 01245 294421 Vocations to Ordained priestly ministry
DDO Administratrator Lois Rimmer 01245 294422 Administrator to the Diocesan Director of Ordinands.



Pastoral Secretary Nathan Whitehead 01245 294412 Manages pastoral and church government processes, including parish reorganisation, closed churches, elections, Diocesan Synod and the Mission & Pastoral Committees


Print Unit

Print Unit Manager Andrea Pannell 01245 294404 Manages the Diocesan Print Unit. Provides design/artwork service. Oversees office stationery procurement.
Print Unit Technical Assistant Chris Garfield 01245 294404 Supports the Print Unit Manager in all aspects of digital print production.
The Print Unit provides design, print and finishing services for our offices, parishes and other organisations/individuals. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. 01245 294404.





Receptionists Marian Wells 01245 294400 Manage reception, switchboard, room hire and post.



Safeguarding Manager Amanda Goh 01245 294457 Leads the Safeguarding Team
Deputy Safeguarding Manager Danielle Law 01245 294472 Gives expert and confidential advice to parishes about policy and practice; handles casework where abuse is disclosed or alleged; and gives training and support when issues arise.
Safeguarding Assistant

Lynda Saunders

01245 294438 Manages and processes DBS applications and supports the Safeguarding Training Programme
Safeguarding Administrator Laura Tyler 01245 294438 Manages and processes DBS applications and Online Child Protection Training


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